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John and his family have just committed to starting a new church in Cleveland. They plan on moving to their target community after his wife completes med school. They need to start raising money now and need an easy to use tool to engage potential donors.  Within 24 hours, his page is up and running.  To inspire people to contribute, he lists some startup expenses, such as health insurance for his family and some computer equipment. His mom was his first donor and sets us an automatic recurring gift.  Awesome!  $50 in the bank…every month.

Meghan is a junior in high school and is going to South Africa on her first summer mission trip. She’s written down a list of 80 friends that she thinks will help her get there, but she has no way to easily take their donations.  She starts a campaign, adds some details and a video from her YouTube account. She shares her giving page link on her Instagram and Twitter feed and gets her first donation.  Now she can sit back and practice her cool South African accent.

The Masons are moving to Zaire to translate the Bible into local dialects.  They need to raise about $6000 every month for their ministry expense, plus about $18,000 in one time startup funds for plane tickets and moving expenses. They list some very specific needs, along with pictures, and start engaging donors. They’ve got 4 months to go, but they’ve already raised their startup costs and are 75% funded. They post updates on their page weekly and keep donors informed of the progress.

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