Mission & Vision

We exist to help leaders inspire donors and raise money for distinctively Christian causes.  More than just a technology platform, we also provide Tools and Strategic Coaching to leaders to help leaders succeed. ChurchSeed.com is ideal for early stage Church Planters, Short-Term missions trip fundraising, Long Term missionary support raising and any other Kingdom related cause that requires funding.

Unique Approach

ChurchSeed.com is not just an online giving tool. Money follows vision. We help leaders cast vision and inspire donors FIRST, then give them an opportunity to contribute to the cause. Unlike many crowdfunding platforms, we deliver your funds to your bank immediately (no escrow) and work hard to charge the lowest possible rates for processing funds.


Churchseed.com was launched by an entrepreneurial church planter, missionary kid and church communications leader. Paul Fleming knows what it’s like to sit across the table from a donor, attempt to cast a compelling vision and hope they’ll catch the dream and invest in the mission.  That experience has been part of his story for decades, and he’s passionate about helping other leaders succeed in this process.  He’s helped church planters, missionaries and large multi-site churches cast vision and raise over $20 million online. In addition to serving as the Communications Pastor for Lake Pointe Church, Paul is also the founder of ChurchINK.com and CastYourVision.com.

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